मंडळ नव्हे कुटुंब !

मंडळ नव्हे कुटुंब !


What is A2MM, and why should I become a member?

मायभूमी सोडून हजारो मैल दूर आलेल्या प्रत्येकाला एक ओढ कायम असते. आपल्या मातीची. त्या मातीशी आपली नाळ जोडून ठेवतात ते आपले सणवार, उत्सव, खाद्यपदार्थ, भाषा आणि माणसं. ज्या संस्कृतीने आपण समृद्ध झालो, तिचा परीसस्पर्श इथे वाढलेल्या पुढल्या पिढीला व्हावा असं वाटणं साहजिक आहे. म्हणून हा प्रपंच.

Marathi culture is a rich tapestry of traditions, festivals, food and so much more! Ann Arbor Marathi Mandal believes in preserving this heritage and passing this legacy on to the next generation. Just as it would in a family. म्हणूनच आम्ही म्हणतो की A2MM हे मंडळ नव्हे, कुटुंब आहे!

At A2MM, we believe in fostering the spirit of one big welcoming family where everyone would feel comfortable enough to share their hidden talents. Where long lasting friendships would be formed and nurtured. Where “Michigander” kids can experience the joy of welcoming Ganpati Bappa and sharing Til-gul. Where all of us have each other’s back. This is our idea of “10x” fun!!

Become a member of A2MM and be a part of Maharashtra in Michigan! A2MM is a club of friends with welcoming culture, nurturing environment and fun atmosphere. We celebrate 4 main events per year have a host of smaller programs throughout the year. You get to choose how much you want to participate and in what capacity. If you want to be a part of vibrant, fun-loving community, come join A2MM as a member!

Membership Information:

Membership LevelDiscounted Membership 2024 (Upto Dec 31, 2023)Post-Jan membership 2024
Deluxe Student00
Deluxe Single6575
Deluxe Single + 1 Child8095
Deluxe Single + 2 Children95120
Deluxe Single + 3 Children110130
Deluxe Couple130150
Deluxe Couple + 1 Child145165
Deluxe Couple + 2 Children160180
Deluxe Couple + 3 Children175195

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