A2MM Membership

Become a member of A2MM and be a part of Maharashtra in Michigan! A2MM is a club of friends with welcoming culture, nurturing environment and fun atmosphere. We celebrate 4 main events per year have a host of smaller programs throughout the year. You get to choose how much you want to participate and in what capacity. If you want to be a part of vibrant, fun-loving community, come join A2MM as a member!

Types of membership

  • Basic  – enjoy A2MM programs at a discounted rate
  • Deluxe – enjoy four free programs (Sankrant, Mahadin, Ganeshotsav & Diwali) in the year.

Annual Fees

Basic Single$25
Basic Couple$50
Basic Child$5 per child
Deluxe Single$60
Deluxe Couple$120
Deluxe Child$10 per child
Basic Student$20
Deluxe Student$50
  • To apply or renew your membership, please print and fill out the A2MM Membership 2018 form here.