Book Club

We are the “Pustak-Premi” group. We love the books and love to discuss everything about the books from writing styles, choice of words, the topic of the book and even the movie adaptations of the book. ‘We read to know we are not alone’.. these words have never been more true than for our book club. We meet 3rd Saturday of the month and discuss a book that is suggested by one of the book club members. We have read and discussed a wide variety of books in English and Marathi, non-fiction as well as fiction. We enjoy company of fellow book lovers as well as snacks served at every book club meeting. So the nick-name for our book-club is “Bhook-Club”!

We are at capacity with the current book club. However we would love to kick-off a new group.

For more information about the book club, please contact Swatee Kulkarni