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Welcome to the Ann Arbor Marathi Mandal (A2MM), a non-profit organization established to enhance, nurture and promote our Maharashtrian Culture and values through festivals cultural events, musical performances, and dramas. Conceptualized and started in April 2006, we aim to perpetuate socio-cultural values and our history and traditions not only in our community but amongst all Maharashtrians in the USA.

Building culturally sensitive network for young and old alike, motivating our youth; passing on our Marathi traditions to the next generation, developing strong friendship bonds for all of us who are away from our homelands, and giving back to our community are the pillars of our organization.

Join us on this incredible journey, make new friends, establish lifelong bonds, enjoy cultural events and bring the new generation in tune with our roots.

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Gudhi Padawa Saroj Javkar


Jatra Saroj Javkar

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IOT Entrepreneur Boot Camp 2018 Ann Arbor Marathi Mandal.


Diwali Saroj Javkar


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