Vasantotsav- Through the eyes of your youth member -Rohan Savanur



On February 27, 2016, A2MM held its Vasantotsav “Spring It On!”  program at Novi High School. There were lots of things to do there. The program was packed with dancing, singing, and interactive quizzes for both adults and children.  The program was very well organized by Ajeet Kaka and Amitabh Kaka, as well as many other Committees, including the Youth Committee.

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I noticed that Ajeet Kaka was always running around, double-checking, triple-checking, and even quadruple-checking to see that everything was in order. That’s how much he loves A2MM, and I think we should all put in as much effort as Ajeet Kaka did into everything we do. The Youth Committee had an active role in this program, from setting up lemonade stands, to talking about the Flint Water Crisis, and creating awareness about alternatives to Styrofoam. Saket and my friends also made posters to create awareness about A2MM’s mission to go green by using biodegradable products.  The Youth Committee also helped run the quizzes.  Saket and I helped pass out the slips for the teams you would be cheering for and Sonali and a few other people helped pass around the microphone to the audience during the interactive quizzes. A lot of parents pitched in, too! My mom was one of the MANY moms helping to make the chutney sandwiches and the jelly sandwiches for the dinner.


The first part of the program always starts with the American National Anthem, and then the Indian National Anthem. The seniors started this part of the program.  I called it the Senior Acapella group. They sang both the anthems, and a prayer. The next part of the program was with Ajeet Kaka introducing all the members of the Youth Committee, and then two presentations were made.  The first one was about switching from Styrofoam to biodegradable products as an alternative, which I presented and then Abhimanyu gave some info about the Flint Water Crisis, and how we can help the people in Flint. This program, we had a very special guests from MSU-Spartan Sur. They were the best acapella group I heard since the Seniors Acapella. They were very good, and they actually have some songs on iTunes. So go check it out! As usual, we had many dances and singing performances in this program. One of my favorite ones was Amitabh Kaka’s dance group, and Archana Auntie’s dance group.





Oh man, the dinner! The only thing I can describe about that dinner is that it was HEAVENLY. Papads, puris, tomato soup, rice, potato bhaji, raitha, everything you could think of! It was one of the best dinners of my life. And just a side note, whoever made the shrikand, I am eternally grateful to you. Best thing out of the whole dinner.

The dances after dinner were VERY fun! Sonali had organized the song list, and then Amitabh Kaka took over the dance floor. Spartan Sur also joined in, and there were way more people than I thought were going to dance.  Of course, once my friends and I joined the party, it really got going! We danced until we thought we could have collapsed, and then we all went home.




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