Katyar Kaljaat Ghusli – Amu Patil writes….

Katyar Kaljaat Ghusli – A True Musical Treat!


The Michigan temperatures may be freezing and numbing, but the hearts of the A2MM Michiganders are so warm that I always look forward to meet my extended family. On one such Saturday morning, in January, I was excited about waking up at 6 am and driving 45 minutes to watch a Marathi movie! As I hurried into the theatre I was greeted by the smiling faces and as I settled into the usual laughter and banter I realized that some of my friends were serving breakfast. Homemade Upma and Chaha –  before the movie – Classic A2MM hospitality! This is exactly what sets the A2MM family apart.

It was 9 am and we took our seats in the theater to watch the movie. The movie begins with a devotional Ganapati song – ‘Sur Niraagas Ho’. As I started to make a mental note of the things I need to tell my favorite God Ganapati (Yes-We talk frequently!) my friend Archu says “ Amu, dekh woh choti ladki tere jaise dikhti hain”. We laughed but soon I realized that I had remained quiet throughout the movie. The movie is so captivating that it takes you to a different era. A story of pure generosity, deceit, love and compassion, with a musical score that leaves you mesmerized.

3 months later, the memories from this day still make smile. What a lovely day and what a musical treat it was! Hats off to the A2MM team for giving me such a wonderful day. Something changed in me that day and I heard myself say – Life is beautiful indeed. Thank you A2MM family for all the your hard work, the positivity you radiate and the love you shower. You are home away from home!!



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