Team spotlight – Infrastructure Team

Infrastructure Team 2018
Infrastructure Team 2018

Whenever you step into an A2MM program, do you see the tables arranged, the tea/coffee and cookies ready, the food warmed and arranged and ready to serve, the tables set up and ever wondered who does it behind the scene. The team which works behind the scenes and can be considered the backbone of A2MM, is the Infrastructure and Logistic team. Many people may not know much about this team which has not so glamorous but very much important job.

This team works in the background to make sure the program runs smoothly. The teams work starts a few weeks before the original program, working with the Program Manager and the President to decide on the things in stock or things which are needed for a particular program (and it varies depending on the program- outdoors vs indoors, duration etc.). The things which are generally considered are the spoons, plates, bowls, napkins, serving spoons, tea/coffee/milk pots, cookies, food warmers, milk etc.

The team purchases the required things and stores it in their home till the day of the program. As members increase so will the amount of infrastructure items-inventory, storage takes quite a bit of space and storage of some bulky items sometimes become challenging. The teams work starts a few hours before the start of the program, wherein they bring everything to the venue and then they set everything up . They have to make sure enough tea is being made based on the RSVP and also there are enough cookies. They also make sure that the tables are set to serve the snacks and the bowls and the napkins and spoons are ready. Sometimes they also help the decoration team in setting up the decorations. If its homemade food, the team has to make sure that the food is warmed up and ready to go. So they need to be out of the auditorium half way through the program to set up the serving tables and warm the food.
After all is set and done, they then start the cleaning process (cleaning the tables, packing the remaining food, cleaning the tea and milk pots, removing the banners and other A2MM related stuff etc), which generally finishes after everyone else leaves the hall. After they are done cleaning, they load the remaining inventory back in the boxes, to be taken back to their house, and then the used spoons and tea and milk pots are further cleaned and dried and stored. So basically their work starts way before the program and finishes way after the program is finished.

This year Infrastructure and Logistic team members are Anjali and Milind Kulkarni, Medha and Piyush Karkare, Mandar Deshapnde, Ajit Kulkarni and Fulchand Shende. Ajit and Mandar are veterans of this team and guided current team with team work. Along with adults the younger A2MM members like Avani , Arnav, Tanvi and Ishaan are always enthusiastic to work with this team. This team believes that there is a lot to learn working for

Infrastructure and Logistic Team.
One needs to be polite and listen to people’s criticism and take positives from it. Working with team you’ll learn a lot about time management and inventory management and so they would like to encourage more people to join and experience this amazing team. They truly have greater appreciation towards this job.
This work is done diligently for each and every program and repeated every year. so if you see a infrastructure volunteer working, please stop by to lend a helping hand which will lighten their load and also help speed up the things further, thus enhancing the fun from 10 X to 100 x for everyone.

– Ann Arbor Marathi Mandal.