Team spotlight – Decoration Team

Decoration Team 2018

Everyone will agree that A2MM programs are always well organized, well executed and are a perfect combination of cultural values and entertainment. Along with performers, volunteers play crucial role in making a program successful. This year, we would like to acknowledge all volunteer teams who work hard with their heart and soul. We would like to start with A2MM’s Decoration Team. (Deco.Team)

Decoration team is mainly responsible for creating suitable decorations for registration table, the atrium and stage & venue decor. As the guests enter, they are welcomed with traditional rangoli. One can notice attention to detail in beautiful center pieces and hall decorations. From Sankrant Sugad (सुगड), traditional “Gudhi” for Gudhipadava, Ganapati Aaras (आरास) to Diwali Diyas every decor is well thought. Our Decoration team works hard to create a perfect ambience for each program and tries to preserve and celebrate true Maharashtrian traditions.

Working with decoration team is always fun but it is also challenging. They have to come up with the most workable decorations for respective event. Create multiple center pieces which are neither too intricate nor t0o expensive but still carrying essence of program. Keep track of simple things, from colour combination of table covers to stage decor which won’t affect performers. Its team members’ hard work and creativity which makes decorations look effortlessly beautiful.

This year’s Decoration team is no exception. They did amazing job for this year’s first three programs and set high expectations for upcoming ones. For Sankrant program, the team created beautiful balloon bouquets as center pieces. For Gudhipadava the presence of traditioal Gudhi with homemade Gathi was just perfect. For fun filled Jatra event they created pinwheel center pieces and Ferris wheels which truly captured Jatra theme. They also believe in recycle-renew mantra and for every program try to repurpose decorations made by earlier teams and after programs kids are encourage to take home any center pieces they like.

Let me introduce you to this year’s Decoration Team members. The quote by Albert Hadley – “A good decorator not only plans and schemes, but also knows how the job is done!” suits perfectly to this year’s talented Team leader Seema Phadnis. You can notice her passion and love for A2MM and our deco. team while speaking. When I asked her what do you expect from current or future team members, she simply said “nothing but love and enthusiasm for creating something beautiful for our Programs”. She is always open to new and challenging ideas.

There are some veteran team members who are true pillars of deco. team. When ever team faces creative block, Shama Deshpande is our go to person who always come up with simple but effective ideas. Pallavi Tayade who draws beautiful rangolis at venue. Medha Karkare who is very helpful and her house has become unofficial headquarters of Deco team. Shubhada Kulkarni, Gnanada Joshi, Yugandhara Deshpande, Reshma Upasani, Ashwini Halapeti and Kanchan Damle who are ready to help when needed. Dipali Bora is newest addition to the team. Every year for ganapati program A2MM Youth members help decoration team. This year Youth memebers Meera Kanade and Rishi Phadnis helped with Padava decorations as well. Decoration team believes in Quote by Albert Einstein “Creativity is contagious, pass it on” and always welcomes new team members.

Kanchan Damle
Ann Arbor Marathi Mandal.

Decoration Team Spotlight 2018