Spotlight – A2MM YOUTH




Introducing , the A2MM Youth… who really need no introduction at all! They have proved their capabilities and talents through academics, extra curricular activities and the many initiatives that they are part of….and even lead, at A2MM!2016 Jan-July Ajeet Iphone 068


We asked them a few questions and got many interesting answers!

What do you like most about A2MM.

  • Meeting new people
  • Coming together and having fun
  • Learn about our roots and Marathi culture
  • Gives us chance to bring out our talents and creativity! A2MM provides a great platform for us!
  • We understand the organisation of each program during A2MM Events and it gives us a chance to learn about them in detail
  • We get to meet adults/family and friends
  • We get leadership skills
  • Our experience in A2MM helps us organise events at school
  • It keeps our connections with the Indian community alive

2016 Jan-July Ajeet Iphone 069



Most of the youth commented that being a part of A2MM has helped them come out of their shyness and become more bold and confident as individuals! They also said that this community helped channel their inner dancers, singers and actors and discover many more such talents within themselves.
When asked what they would like to do more of within the community, they had many fresh, new and creative ideas!! All of them unanimously agreed that they would like to be more of an integral part of events and help more in activities like passing out food, help backstage, making posters. They also made a very valuable suggestion of including some youth in the welcome committee, so that they could welcome new kids who came with their families and engage them. They agreed that they could also carry out community service with friends as their contribution towards society.



Apart from this, they also were excited about having more movie nights, bowling, group dancing, sports day and other fun activity that would bring them together!

When asked where they would see themselves in 10 years time.. many saw themselves in leadership positions in their careers, many saw themselves helping the community and society for a larger cause and one of them even said that they’d probably be in Canada, if Trump became President!!!!!!

We are so proud of our youth and the fine young adults that they are turning into. Kudos to the parents for giving them a sound and secure upbringing and kudos to the youth for making the most of the opportunity!2016 Jan-July Ajeet Iphone 081


Our forthcoming Bappa Morya program on the 17th of September is a program for our children and is also mainly designed by them! They are involved in every aspect of the program right from the planning to the execution! Please do make sure to attend this program to see what wonders they do!

Thank you, Youth, for your invaluable contribution!


Conversation contributions by: Abhimanyu Deshpande, Meera Kanade, Siddhi Nair, Pranali Kulkarni, Chirag Palande, Saket & Arav Kulkarni, Aryan Joshi, Rishi Phadnis, Tanvi Karkare, Rohan Savanur, Saniya Chitre, Sonali Joshi, Ankita Bose, Ameya Kelkar, Neel Marathe, Vinayak and Devansh Shende



JULY 2016