Our Clubs


Lightbenders Astronomy Club

LightBenders Astronomy Club is available for our A2MM members. Open Houses and events will be held to explore and research related topics with club members with similar interests using club member facilities and equipment. It often takes the darkness of the night to notice the faintest of the lights that reveal the key to the knowledge of our existence and the distant worlds around us

Please watch our website www.lightbenders.net for club event updates.

Contact: Yogesh Chavarkar, Anand Sharangpani, Kishor Sapre.

Karaoke Club  

Whether you are a nightingale or a bathroom singer, everyone is invited to the Karaoke club to sing to their to hearts’ content! Started in 2010, the Karaoke event is held on the last Saturday of every month, for enthusiast of all ages, at one of our Member residences. Every month brings a new theme and new songs and voices to discover! So, bring along your favorite dish to share and croon away!

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Book Club

‘We read to know we are not alone’.. these words have never been more true than for our book club. Enjoy reading and discussing books of all genres in Marathi or English in the company of your friends while sipping on a hot cup of chai. The book club meets

To join the group, please contact Swatee Kulkarni


Crossroaders Club

For the young at heart, we have our Second Innings Club. Spend your leisure time in the company of like minded friends. Play together, walk together, eat and drink together. Share your happy moments… and your sad times with a friend by your side. Our club meets every month..

To join the group, please contact Anand Sharangpani

WBL Club

Win By Losing (WBL) is a fun way to lose weight and follow healthy lifestyle. The team competition brings in excitement and people want to do better for their team! Team captains encourage their teams to encourage everyone to reach their goals.

To join the group, please contact Madhuri Deshpande

Khadaad Club

This is a unique club in A2MM for the foodies. We have infrequent get-togethers dedicated to a particular type of food such as fish.

Contact Sailly Sawant to get the inside scoop about this club.