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IMG_5974A Senior Manager by day and an ardent theater and arts aficionado at all other times, is what best describes Poonam Torgal!

We spoke to Poonam, who, along with her team was responsible for successfully executing a very exciting Sankrant Program complete with flawless program management and video integration for

the first time in the history of A2MM.

As a young adult, under the guidance of Jayadev Hattangadi, Poonam participated in experimental theater in various capacities, not limiting herself to acting. She also had the opportunity to familiarize herself with other aspects of theater such as backstage, lighting, camera, costumes, etc.This experience, stood her in good stead when she moved to the US and started participating in various cultural activities here in the US!

Her performances and involvement in theater has earned her accolades from multiple theater personalities like Anant Panshikar, Dr. Sanjay Upadhye and many more, the pinnacle of which was a selection in a much coveted theater workshop with renowned theatre personality – Dr. Vijaya Mehta just past year.

The idea for video integration of the A2MM Sankrant event came to her when she, in her past experience, realized that although audiences relished the live event thoroughly, the memories of the event were not that strong. If the coverage for the event was not as effective as the program itself, then, she said, people would not have the wonderful memories to hold on to. Thus she took on the ask of recording the program,  xperimenting with different camera angles, and lighting and produced a spectacular DVD version for the event.

With regards to program management, Poonam said that her day job as a manager and the skills she uses therein, were what helps her tremendously. She believes that the three key cornerstones of making any program a success are: Effective Planning, Flawless Communication and Seamless Execution. According to her, it is essential to gather a team of enthusiastic individuals who are willing to collaborate and are geared towards the common cause of executing a flawless production. As always, Poonam mentions that it is important to understand and observe what each member brings to the team, manage different personalities and have clarity of thought yourself, to be able to communicate the message across effectively.

Something that she believes in very strongly and would like to communicate to everyone involved is ‘Everybody is a Leader-they have to believe they can do it!’IMG_1825

Poonam quickly pointed out that behind every successful person are many more motivating and supporting them. For Poonam, it is her husband Jayant Manerikar and son Adwaiy. Poonam claims that the secret of her energy is their impetus. Both, Jayant and Adwaiy constantly encourage her to take on different challenging projects while providing her valuable feedback and bolstering her efforts. They prefer to be the invisible team members lending their hand in the most unassuming manner. She also appreciates the encouragement and feedback that she receives from the Maharashtrian community whether it be to her Marathi articles, poems or performing arts endeavors.

Poonam would like to reach out to the community and offer them various opportunities to showcase their many talents in the theater. Poonam, along with fellow Mandal Member Ashish Joag have a production organization and would like to invite anyone with a viable proposal related to theater performing arts which they can help execute. They would like to encourage people to join them not only to act, but also to be involved in various other aspects such as backstage, direction, lights, music, video production, etc.


Poonam’s dream for our community is to be able to put up a production led entirely by the Youth, where every aspect is executed by the youth themselves! She is of the opinion that Maharashtrian Community in Michigan is very supportive of the Theater and having a youth led production will pave the way for next generation of theater buffs. With her excellent interpersonal skills and a very vibrant Youth community, we have no doubt that this dream will be realized very soon!


So everyone, get your creative juices flowing and reach out to Poonam or Ashish at: or





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