Member-spotlight Gokul Tayade & Sachin Sawant


Gokul_Sachin4Behind the Scenes Heroes.

Everyone is familiar with the smiling faces that greet you at the A2MM events and all the participants in the various programs have always enthralled the viewers. But there are many who work relentlessly behind the scenes to ensure that every A2MM event is success.

Gokul Tayade and Sachin Sawant are two such members who, at every program, capture wonderful memories.

You will often see Gokul at the reception area of the A2MM venue, in his quiet way, asking people to pose for photos , ensuring that every member, new or old is noticed.

Sachin Sawant, is always milling around in the audience trying to capture that perfect, candid shot of members. He is always on his toes, ready to photograph anyone who asks him to!

Not surprisingly, these experts behind the camera, are rarely seen in front of it , which is why we have captured them especially for you!

These two, dear friends, are the ones who photograph all events and memories for posterity!

Join us in congratulating them for their wonderful contribution to the team!