Member Spotlight – GNANADA & SAMEER JOSHI



11952780_10206659424498484_71530882895276053_oWhen Gnanada & Sameer first attended a naatak in 2011 hosted by A2MM, little did they know what an integral and inspiring part of their lives the Ann Arbor Maharashtra Mandal was going to be! What started out as a chance outing to watch a play, has now become a regular feature of their lives.

For everyone who attends the club programs including the Karaoke club, Sameer Joshi is a familiar face! Blessed with a lovely singing voice, which by his own admission, he discovered when on joining the club, Sameer is not only an active A2MM member, but also our new Vice President for 2016!

Walking beside him, every step of the way, is his wife Gnanada. She has spearheaded  the Hospitality committee activities, and has been part of many other committees involved in decoration, stage management for plays and more recently, has also acted in a play!

During the initial part of their A2MM journey, they were filled with many apprehensions as to how the community would accept their beloved eldest son Atharva, who had special needs. Having gone through many situations where they were discouraged from being part of groups, the A2MM community welcomed them and their son with open arms. Not only were they warm and caring towards him , but most went out of their way to make sure he was comfortable and at ease ! This attitude of the members, both believe, was the turning point for them, a chance for them to enjoy being part of something away from their homes, safe in the knowledge that their son would also be just as comfortable!

They further talk about the after-parties, the karaoke evenings and the various events in which they quickly became a part of the A2MM family. A2MM has been very beneficial for their two other children, Aditi and Aryan who needed a natural environment to blossom. They feel, taking part in activities and being part of a very social community has shaped their children’s personalities and made them confident individuals ready to take on the world! For their respective sets of parents, who often visit them here in the USA, A2MM was a revelation and they were happy to participate in events and are heartened by the fact that their children have a family away from home! 12241753_10207065981580374_1054762988766435709_n

Sameer, who is currently a Team Lead at Ford, managing overseas markets, states that his experience at work; in managing teams from multicultural backgrounds and various personalities, has helped him in with his A2MM activities. As Vice President for 2016, he knows that this experience will help him understand the pulse of the people, understand what they want and what their issues are.  His personal goal, combined with Ajeet Kulkarni’s Presidency, is to lead A2MM towards being a well oiled machine, while having 10X fun!

Sameer is a man who wears many hats. He is also an entrepreneur and partner in an Online Organic Clothing Venture ‘Funkoos’, which in 2012, after many years of hard work and struggle, is now a sustainable company. To gain understanding business jargon and overall business processes, when he first started out this venture, Sameer also armed himself with an MBA from Wayne State University!


AqBgfHmSTAYkTOS7v81-4yptC5WjoV_K0k_I0APgTNcaGnanada, a Post Doctoral Research Fellow in Neurosciences at Wayne State University, also says that her interaction and teaching experience, prepares her for anything that is thrown her way. Having taught students ranging from ages 17 to 64, has equipped her with tremendous patience, ability to solve difficult issues and resourcefulness! Gnanada and Sameer both graduated at the same time in 2015, which they state has been a big personal achievement for them!

Gnanada and Sameer are both looking forward to an exciting year ahead! They  hope that next year they will be able welcome more people into the A2MM fold!

We hope this couple continues to be a part of A2MM and provides inspiration to other young members to embrace the community!



December 2015