‘When it’s meant to be, the whole universe conspires to make it happen’ …. these words have never been truer of our spotlight couple Archana and Amitabh!

A chance meeting with our members Shekhar and Sanju Palekar, at a local Sai Baba Temple, led Amitabh and Archana to A2MM and gave them some of the most fulfilling and happiest time of their lives!

When Amitabh was invited to a Karaoke session at Makarand Nalgirkars’ home in January 2011, he decided to go alone; not knowing how the people were and what to expect! True to his personality, Amitabh was in his element that evening, singing, dancing and chatting with everyone around. He noticed that atmosphere was very friendly and inviting and it seemed as though he had known these people forever! Through this event, he also met Smita and Mohan Joshi and before they knew it, all three of them; Amitabh, Archana, and Abhishek were involved in nearly 6 dances for the 2011 BMM Convention in Chicago!! The Convention gave them an opportunity to bond with everyone more closely and perform in front of nearly 2500+ people!!AAA2


The first A2MM program that they attended was at the Mahadin 2011, where the play ‘Vat Vat’ was being performed. They found the environment to be very welcoming and interacted with a number of people on that occasion. After that it was, what Amitabh describes, ‘a chain reaction’ …. they started participating in nearly all events, be it plays, or dances …. Amitabh went on to perform in ‘Vat Vat’ in Cincinnati, which was his first foray into acting. Another musical drama that he and Archana were part of as group dancers were ‘Premaat Padla ki asach hota’. ‘Nishpaap’ added another feather in Amitabh’s cap.


All this while, Archana was also involved in various mandal activities and events and she got a chance to display her acting talent at her first stage performance in ‘Moruchi Maushi’. She credits A2MM for giving them new opportunities and challenges. Archana also forayed in another stage production ‘Chuuk Bhuul Dyaavi Gyaavi’. Also, ‘Vara Labad Aahe’ saw both Archana and Amitabh play one of the lead roles. AAA3


Archana and Amitabh were now firmly entrenched into the community. They believe that A2MM gave them friends for life! After having had not very pleasant experiences in other community groups in the past, A2MM is truly God’s blessing for them. They enjoy being a part of all activities and their son Abhishek had also benefitted and made many new friends. They always see the A2MM group as a place where hidden talents are discovered, new opportunities and a platform is given to everyone and where people lose their inhibitions!!

In the past few years, Amitabh and Archana have been actively part of committees. Amitabh was the marketing lead in 2012, Archana was the decoration team lead in 2012, 2013 and 2014. Moreover, whenever any entertainment aspect is needed at any event, this couple is called upon.

For 2016, they hope to continue being there for the community and help in all areas, be it entertainment, planning or executing new ideas. A2MM thanks, Archana and Amitabh for their involvement and dedication.

Hats off to this couple for their initiative and dedication and looking forward to their magic in 2016!