Member Spotlight – Anand & Dipti Sharangpani




AnandDipti-1Their motto in life is ‘Carpe Diem’ –seize the day!!! And this couple truly lives up to their motto! Their zest for life is unparalleled and in seeing their life’s journey, it is clear that they make every moment count!!

As a young family that arrived in this country in the late 70s, the Sharangpani’s made Holland, Michigan their first home. Anand, a chemical engineer by profession, took up a job there and Dipti, a graduate in Home Science, did what she loved doing best, managing the home and their three young daughters.

From the onset, the couple were deeply involved in community activities. They were very active in PTA in the local Holland school. They even started an organisation called ‘HAPI’ – Holland Association for People from India, to enable young families like themselves in the area integrate into the community! Dipti volunteered at the Women’s Shelter in Holland. She continued to be very active in various capacities at MAI Family Services after moving to Ann Arbor.   She is always ready to volunteer for the cause, having helped and guided many here over the years!

Hailing from Baroda, and coming from a family of athletes, Dipti was always involved in outdoor sports from her teen years, participating in various sports including field Hockey, in which she represented her University. Since moving to Ann Arbor, Anand & Dipti participated in the Detroit Marathon and many other local 5K and 10K races. They maintain their interests in sports and play tennis on a regular basis round the year. Their fitness and their enthusiasm for life will put many of us seemingly young people to shame! Apart from a love for sports, Anand is an ardent fan of classical music and spends a lot of his time listening to the stalwarts, Kumar Gandharva being his personal favourite. Being a voracious reader, it is no surprise that Anand is participating in the A2MM book club discussions with a great deal of enthusiasm.

AnandDipti2After moving to Detroit area in 1997, they became a part of the Executive Committee of Maharashtra Mandal of Detroit. Late in 2006, they had their first A2MM meeting at Bhushan Kulkarni’s home. They have actively participated in A2MM activities ever since! Anand even took a keen interest in editing by-laws of the A2MM constitution and worked on the board of trustees! Having seen the Mandal since its inception, where initially all programs took place at primarily someone’s residence on a small scale, they feel really proud to see the growth of our Mandal in ten short years. They are particularly impressed with the skills, talents and enthusiasm that the young generation brings! Having worked in various similar organizations, they noted that A2MM is truly exceptional in the way it handles various programs and activities with a level of enthusiasm in a friendly, family atmosphere

Recognising the need for senior citizens like themselves, to come together and be part of a closer support group, this couple initiated the CrossRoaders Group in 2011. This group meets once a month and frequently goes on various outings in the summer months. Anand and Dipti also regularly visit area seniors older than themselves to lend them a helping hand and, more importantly, spend time with them to give them a sense of belonging. They both find time from their busy routine to volunteer at Food Gatherers once a week. Anand also served for four years on the board of Directors of Maharashtra Foundation based in New Jersey. This organization provides financial support to NGO’s dedicated to the empowerment of needy and poor in Maharashtra. It also facilitates giving donations to the other NGOs in India.

AnandDipti3They have never let their personal tragedies get the better of them. In 1997, tragedy struck them when they lost their middle daughter, Aarti, in a plane crash. Arati, a bright and bubbly senior student at UofM was a Resident Advisor at the time of the incident. The students voted to rename the Concourse Lounge at Mary Markley Hall at the university to Arati Sharangpani Lounge in her memory. Ruta, their younger daughter has managed to become a doctor and has a degree in Public Health in spite of her being legally blind. Aditi the older daughter is Paediatrician and works as an Intensive Care Physician in Lansing.

Truly a life well lived, the Sharangpani couple is a real inspiration to all of us and we hope that they continue to bring happiness wherever they go!



March 2016