Member Spotlight – Amit Kshirsagar

Amit Kshirsagar – A Multitalented personality



‘She loves you yeah, yeah’, ‘I wanna hold your hand’ and songs such as these are those which many of  us have heard and been a fan of in our growing up and teenage years! But there is one such fan, who took his passion for ‘The Beatles’ music and endeavoured to inform people about this.  Amit Kshirsagar, a self-confessed fan of ‘The Beatles’.


Since a very young age, Amit has been a fan of The Beatles music and very often, he would come home from school and dance to their songs. Knowing his love for their music, many friends and relatives would gift Beatles memorabilia to him. In his adult life, he attended many of their concerts, including a Ringo Starr concert- 10 times and a Paul McCartney concert – 4 times! He even wrote to Yoko Ono, who replied back to him with a personalised card. He has attended many Fests for Beatles fans. He also has seen the famous musical show ‘ LOVE’ in Las Vegas.


The more Amit learned about the Beatles and their music, the more he continued to be fascinated by them. Very few bands, musicians, he says, have the lasting effect that the Beatles have had. 50 years on, their music continues to be an inspiration for the young and old alike!


When his mom suggested that he write a book on the Beatles, he was very taken with the idea, and started collecting material for his book, hoping that his book would serve as a primer for all second generation Immigrants in understanding the Beatles and their music.  Amit’s dream was brought to fruition last year at the BMM Convention where his book was presented  by Bhushan Kulkarni!, President of A2MM and inaugurated by Achyut Godbole, the Chief Guest of the BMM convention.


Dr. Arun Jatkar, the editor of the magazine EKATA reviewed his book and said that Amit is probably the first Indian who has written on American popular music.


Amit is a man of many talents!  He has a Masters degree in Mathematics and Statistics and also in Psychology. He is a freelance journalist and has written over 70 articles on concert reviews, music and a whole gamut of subjects. He is also involved in copy writing, editing and technical writing.


He is greatly interested in Philosophy  and studying all religions and their various aspects. As a young lad, Amit was highly impressed with the RSS and keeps in touch with his RSS friends  on his frequent visits to India. He has written several articles on Hindu culture and philosophy, Tilak, Sayajirao Gaikwad and politics. In 1997, he wrote an essay on ‘The Evolution of Democracy in India’, for a competition held by the Marathi Vishwa of New Jersey which won the 1st Prize. At a Chicago symposium, he was the Keynote speaker on Shivaji and his talk was appreciated by all for the quality and information in it.


Amit continues to actively write on various forums such as Trip Advisor and others and has also recently become a member of the Toastmasters Club and his Icebreaker speech was acclaimed for the quality and frankness in it.


Here’s wishing Amit the very best in his writing journey. If anyone is interested in reading Amit’s book, please feel free to reach out to him at :


October 2015.