Our contribution to your health resolution

Namaskar Mandali,


A2MM is here for you to help with your 2015 Health Related Resolutions! We would like to make you aware of two exciting opportunities to kick-start your healthy habits!


  1. Participation in the 2015 Ann Arbor Marathon  

This is an event where A2MM members have been enthusiastically participating for the past few years.  The 2015 Ann Arbor Marathon will be conducted on March 29 as 5K, half-marathon and full marathon races. We have reached out to Ann Arbor Marathon management and formed “Ann Arbor Marathi Mandal” team.  You may register as a part of that team.  This initiative is open – not restricted to A2MM members, so please feel free to invite others.

To register and to get more information on the marathon itself please access the link

http://www.theannarbormarathon.com/ and click on “Register Online” icon.

For any questions regarding Ann Arbor Marathon or prep-up sessions etc., please contact Ajeet Kulkarni at 517-581-0671 or saket_ajeet@yahoo.com.  We greatly appreciate the leadership that Ajeet has provided in this initiative.


  1. Win By Losing 2015

Past A2MM President, Madhuri Deshpande launched Win By Losing Pilot last year which was attended by over 40 participants. WBL 2015 is not ONLY about losing weight, but also about encouraging a healthy lifestyle in a fun way! Some of you who participated in WBL 2014 pilot have already  lost many pounds! Now we have some new goals for 2015 such as promoting regular physical activity / exercise, healthy eating and measuring your success through weight loss. Participating in WBL will instill a discipline of regular exercise and cautious eating.  And tons of peer pressure to keep you going!

We will continue to collect weekly data to measure weight loss, % weight loss, % deviation from your own goal weight and number of times exercised in a week. Your results will be conveyed using various graphic charts every week. During these 12 weeks, we will bring in experts to share their wisdom about healthy living, healthy cooking etc. Dr. Achwal has accepted to be our ‘Health Guru’. This initiative is also open to non-A2MM members so please feel free to invite others.

For more information and participation, please contact Madhuri Deshpande at 734-330-3572 or Madhuri@gdii.com

 For all other general inquiries and to get more engaged and active with A2MM, please reach out to Bhushan Kulkarni at Bhushan@infoready4.com or 734-678-7480.


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