Entrepreneur Boot Camp 2018

A2MM – IOT Entrepreneur Boot Camp 2018:


It was a one of its kind event held 1st time by A2MM to present a wonderful opportunity for kids who belong to A2MM family and outside, with the A2MM- IoT Entrepreneur Boot Camp 2018. The camp was organized by Yogesh Chavarkar and his enthusiastic, passionate and hard working mentor team who belong to A2MM. The 2 day long camp was a great success with every child participating in all the activities and in the end came up with brilliant ideas to build their product in a brief period of time.

All the kids remained focused for 2 full days despite the heavy learning of people, process and technology areas and used them for tasks on hand with great leadership ability. The head coach and the mentors were nervous initially to put them through so much work in a very short period of time, but were amazed to see them stand the challenge and go above and beyond their expectations. The Builder Guild team is very proud of 28 inventors who drank from a fire hose and delivered a working product prototype in mere 16 hours.

Before the actual camp which happened on July 21st and 22nd, 2018 the coach, mentors and volunteers did quite a leg work and preparation to make this event a huge success. The sole purpose of these pre-boot camp sessions were to get a head start on things that would be anticipated in the 2 day camp. These sessions helped build a smoother team and enjoyable product leadership experience for team captains.


Some of the key activities from boot camp prep:

  • IoT interest survey for dates, logistics and volunteer planning.
  • Team planning with elder captains, younger members and adult mentors.
  • Technology planning with possible IoT platforms easy to understand for ages 10 and above.
  • Product planning with several sample product ideas using various sensors, code and use case.
  • Training mentors, captains, volunteers on IoT platform for building viable products.
  • Planning for venue, materials, financials, logistics, session flow, runbooks, food, badges, certificates etc.

A brief summary of what the participants went through in those 2 days:

  • Understand and express thoughts about IoT, how it works and benefits
  • Used concepts of sensor basics on creation of IoT data
  • Identified their sensor and defined a real life application in form of a story
  • Brainstormed and cross examined their storyline with feedback from other teams
  • Combine individual stories in a team goal and broke it into smaller technical tasks
  • Understood and used arduino IDE and coding to build and test their product operation
  • Identified strengths to allocate and assume roles in their team
  • Learned to positively give and accept feedback on their ideas and products for improvements
  • Named their product, defined a slogan, designed a logo, presented in front of inventor panelists
  • Finally delivered a fully working product prototype with instructions in just 16 hours, that was tested by customer role played by other teams
  • Answered inventor panel questions justifying their product standing, motivations and research
  • You can find the presentations for both days, the manual on bootcamp and other details on the website here.

The 2 day long IoT camp concluded with kids demonstrating and explaining the product their team developed in front of the very knowledgeable panel of judges who had some tough questions for the them. This camp not only taught them the novel concept of IoT in the technology field but also helped them to build a good camaraderie, being a good team player, understanding each others strength and using them for the team and leadership qualities. Each child is unique and the future is bright for all these inventors and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Also planning has already started for next phase, showcasing these inventions in the A2MM Inventor series event. some of the prep activities for the upcoming inventor series:

  • IoT teams meet at least once with the team members and mentors before the inventor series showcase event.
  • Split demo between team members, practice a couple times for seamless flow with more use of word “we” than I.
  • Do a little research about similar products in the market and how their product can be different.
  • It’s not necessary to know answer for all questions but can ask for suggestions.
  • For quicker demo choose sensor values that can respond quickly during demo.

A very big thank you to Yogesh Chavarkar, Sripad Achyut, Makarand Nalgirkar, Gopal Kamat, Amit Mandhare, Ankur Bhosale, Ihtesham Uddin, Yadnesh Pawar, Jyoti Pawar, Karkare’s – Medha, Piyush, Arun & Jayashree, Mandar Deshpande, Sapana Kulkarni, Ajay kanade, Fulchand Shende, Ajeet Kulkarni, Sachin Sawant, Jayashree Chavarkar, Marathe’s – Madhura & Kiran, all the volunteers & parents and sponsors GDI Infotech and Info Ready for chipping in a chunk of the boot camp making this event successful. Also, thanks to all the parents for making time for letting their children participate in this boot camp.

Do not miss the opportunity to see the next phase with kids in action pitching their products on annual A2MM Ganapati 2018 celebrations on Sept 15th.

Ann Arbor Marathi Mandal.